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1952 Cessna 170B                                                                                      

Tach Time:                               1279.5

Airframe TT:                             4398.3
Engine TT:                               1279.5
Engine Since Factory Reman:   1279.5
Engine Remanufactured by Continental
King KX-175 Nav/Com
KI-201C VOR Indicator
Narco AT-50 Transponder
Narco AR-850 Encoder
New One Piece Windshield
New Door Windows
New Side Windows
New Headliner 
Cleveland Wheels and Brakes
Brackett Air Filter
New Brake Linings
New Brake Hoses
New Main Tires and Tubes
New Tailwheel Tire and Tube
All cylinders were removed, honed and reinstalled using new gaskets and seals
New Exhaust Stacks Between Cylinder and Mufflers
New Exhaust Gaskets
New Spark Plugs
New Ignition Harness
Overhauled Starter Clutch
One Piece Carburetor Venturi
New Gill G-25 Battery
New ELT Battery









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